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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 2, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> it is friday may 2nd. a top general takes the stand to talk about the deadly attack in benghazi. >> was it a video? was it a video that sparked a protest? >> no, sir. >> why did the white house blame the video for the deaths of four americans? their shocking response. the battle with the nba isn't the only fight donald sterling is fighting. he is now in a fight for his life. >> brand new video of a hole
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opening up in the street. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> it is a fun friday. "fox & friends first" this friday morning. thank you so much for starting your day with us also ending your week. bombshell new benghazi testimony is what we begin with. a retired general says the military should have done more to help americans the night of the terrorist attack. >> this as the white house keeps trying to spin the smoking enmails. doug zoo laluzader is live.
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>> he thinks the administration couldn't have done more to save the u.s. ambassador to libya. three other americans killed in the attack in benghazi. why the white house blames it on a video caused so much anger in the islamic world when he says they knew that couldn't wasn't the case. >> four individuals died. they are not responding time to get there. may have been able to. we will never know. >> was it a video? >> no. was it a video that sparked a protest? >> no, sir. >> the white house argues these are celted issues but they placed plenty of questions about how all of this skoming out at the time. they suggested blaming attacks
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on an internet video. carney has said this e-mail was not specifically about benghazi they were released with an entire set of e-mails that specifically included a set of benghazi materials. >> how much time has been sent focusing on talking points that could have been spent on moving forward? >> if the e-mail was not about benghazi why did the white house turn it over to conservative groups seeking information about benghazi? >> you have to look at the employee requests. >> the white house punting on that question. all of this is going to ramp up pressure on house speaker john boehner who set up a committee to begin looking at this to investigate why the white house blames this on the internet video when there was plenty of
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intelligence out there that suggested otherwise. back to you guys. >> former nsc spokesperson tommy detour is talking about who edited the talking points after susan rice's appearance on the sunday show. watch this exchange on special report. >> according to the e-mails, the time lines, they have new talking points after they removed the mention of al qaeda after 6:21 the white house you and adeline of september 10th calling for demonstrations. >> did you change attacks to talking points? >> i don't remember. >> you don't remember? >> we are talking about the process of editing talking
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points. that's what bureaucrats do all day long. >> is that funny? former cia director michael morrell changed the talking points but never answered who changed the word attack to demonstration. >> he p wanted to kill as many people as possible. police say that was the plan for a minnesota teenager no you charged with plotting to blow up the school and kill his family. there's no telling how far 17-year-old john ladu would have gotten had it not been for an observant neighbor who spotted him near a storage shed. >> he shut the door and thought it looked funny because normally we see people here it doesn't take 10 minutes to open up a storage shed. that's why i called it in. >> police found three bombs several guns and ammunition in the house. two alaskan state troopers shot
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an killed during an investigation. it is 130 miles west of fairbanks. the two were responding to reports of a man waving a gun in the village. one person has been detained. already in jail on murder charges former new england patriots aaron hernandez is now indicted for a jail house brawl. a grand jury charging the ex football player with assault and battery and intent to do harm. >> new fallout from the investigation of a possible coverup at a va hospital in phoenix. three employees on leave after claims of vetrans died while waiting for treatment. >> the president denies evidence of a cover rup but now we have the extensio -- suspensions.
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40 patients died they say because of delays in treatment at the phoenix va hospital. three executives have been placed on administrative leave the amid the investigation. we are learning lawmakers may be taking action they are threatening a subpoena at the department of veterans affairs. officials don't explain that the veteran's hospital has been destroyed or is missing. hospital officials deny any knowledge of a secret list. they have found no evidence of patient death due to delayed care. in a statement it reads in part we take these allegations very seriously. in the interest of inspector general's ability to conduct a thorough and timely review of the phoenix healthcare system, i have directed, director sharon hellman, associate director lance robinson and a third employer be placed on administrate i leave until further notice. sam hood who spent more than two
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decades working for the va medical center says he thinks the move to put the three on leave at best. he says there are many rules violated and he has evidence of that. >> i don't believe that that is an accurate representation, but it certainly -- they have not complied with many rules of standard procedure. that is just another one that may have been violating. i am sure the inspector general has the list. >> there's a lot he cannot discuss with the possibility of a criminal investigation. he is confident they will get the documentation at the desk. >> that deserves to be treated better. >> the la clipper's controversy there are new reports disgraced owner donald sterling is
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battling prostate cancer. they pulled the first meeting since banning sterling for life over a racist rant. they are committed for fast tracking a 4th sale of the team. reportings may have been leaked by a friend of sterlings ex-girlfriend. this claim by her lawyer. in the wake of the scandal the head of the naacp has resigned. leon jenkins was fired for a lifetime achievement award for promoting civil rights. an offer he later rescinded. a mass i sink hole opened up in baltimore. (screams) >> like a deck of cards they all went down from people living on
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the street. they may have to stay evacuated for more than a month. a building inspector has to make sure the homes are safe. the sink hole opened wednesday after 24-hours of solid rain. now to the wildfire it is 53 percent contained at this point. there are no active flames the people evacuated the homes. the weather will still be a concern today. that is because winds are expected to change direction that could be vir idea types. something straight out of the movie tron. >> this new suit designed for astronauts who will one day colonize and voted on by the public.
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one of the cool figures glowing rights that could change colors so the astronauts could tell them apart. the final suit will be ready for testing in november. ♪ >> your biggest hats and dress the 40th annual kentucky derby. >> ainsley earhardt is live where the horses will soon be starting to stretch their legs. >> thanks so much, ladies. you have done this before. good morning to you. we are at churchill downs. tomorrow is derby day. it is the 140th kentucky oats run where the horses will start to run behind me. it's all about the female today. the phillies run today the flowers star gazer glory from the suits to the sun dresses you are encouraged to wear any color
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as long as it is pink. the race is at 10:30. the ladies will strus their stuff for a big prize. the survivor spray perhaps after that. churchill downs will give to breast cancer ovarian cancer and $1 of every oak lilly drink goes for a chance of survivors of breast cancer to walk the track. at 5:45 is the big philly race and the prize is $1 million. tomorrow the number one horse is california prone. we just got word that the number two horse is hoportunity he has been scratched because of soreless in his foot. i want to thank the hat company in brooklyn new york and at 8:20 we are going to talk about the
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favorite foods at the derby and make one of the famous drinks. lilly's drink. it will make it popular here. >> don't have too many mint juliets. >> they will sneak up on you. >> a united states marine locked up and shackled in a dangerous mexican prison because he made a wrong turn. the trumped up charges he is facing. >> they were looking for a laugh but now 60 high schoolers facing criminal charges for a senior prank. did police over react? we report you decide. a look at the forecast as we go to break. ñ
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>> incredible new video as it rips through the every where. they were employees hunkered down amazingly nobody was hurt. it swept through 14 states this week leaving at least 37 people dead. another dramatic site. this one at the gulf of mexico. a swimmer died from a helicopter to save navy pilots. they were stuck for half an hour after they plunged into the water. >> now more than 60 students in new jersey are under arrest. they crashed the school. this picture shows a fraction of the damage.
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wnyw reporter matt king with the price they are now saying. >> the judge read the names of those who were charged with burg rare reand peed on the floor and slathered door handles with petroleum jelly. another two stu deents face charges for the same crime faced by parents at their home. >> every year there was a senior prank. >> he knew the majority of the 52 students arrested and wanted to vouch for the character of every one of them. >> this does not reflect them. it was a student mistake. >> it caused the youth, she still hasn't decided. >> the district continues to assess the situation. but students not involved completed their assessment the day school is out.
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>> students shouldn't pay the rest of their lives. >> they don't know how they got into 9 building. nothing irreparable. they cleaned up the entire mess before the mourn's first class began. >> that brings us to our brew on this. are the students justifiarrests justified or over the line? >> send us an e-mamail at a roundup involving two major motor companies. lauren simonetti is here. >> they are recalling minivans because side air bags may not deploy during the crash. a shortage terminal bha have been damaged and they will notify owners starting may 16th. they are fixing the computer
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error that could delay them for 36 seconds. cadillac srs from the 2013 model year with a v6 engine. >> just four in ten teens are working in the summer. that is down from 7. it includes summer school and internship but also laziness with many reporting they don't want a job. speaking of jobs in three hours a jobs report. >> 20 mints after the hour now. a bus driver abandoned a bus full of children in traffic. how he told them to get home. >> how it could be the key to your child's future. ♪
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>> a decorated u.s. marine with two tours of combat experience shackled in a mexican prison tore more than a month after an honest mistake. marine reservist was heading to san diego when he became lost accidentally crossing into mexico. he had three legally purchased guns in his truck. he was tossed in a prison anyway. his family in florida now fighting for his relief while the u.s. consulate says it is doing all it can to ensure his safety. >> take a look at this. a student in texas snapping a picture of her bus driver after she abandoned them on the road.
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as they are walking away the children say the woman got angry because they were being too loud. she stopped the bus in traffic turned off the engine and told them to drive themselves home. the kids quickly called their parents. >> she stopped the butts s in t muddle of the street daybreak -- middle of the street. that's what we are trying to say. >> the bus driver is off the job pending an investigation. they want their child to be a success just give them a middle name. scientists in england say the use of a middle initial is the eedz iest way for someone to a appear more clever. people using their initials were thought to be of higher social
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status. nancy pelosi showing how she really feels about the attack in benghazi. >> benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. what would the families think about that? shawn smith's mother reacts next. >> they are no longer california dreaming in a new york state of mind. why people are leaving some of the most popular states in the country and where they are headed. ♪ so you can have a getaway from what you know. so you can be surprised by what you n't. get o times the points on travel and dining at restaurants from chase sapphire preferred.
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>> it is friday may the 2nd. the talking points about the deadly benghazi attack don't matter. >> did this two years ago we are talking about the most mundane project. >> is there anything mundane about the deaths of four americans? one victim's mother weighs in. >> ap an air bag explodes in a driver's face. the road responsible for this you probably take every day. >> ainsley earhardt is live with what you can expect for the race for the roses. "fox & friends first" starts
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now. >> it is friday may 2nd. welcome to the end of the week. i am heather childers. >> i am anna kooiman here for ainsley earhardt. bombshell testimony a retired general said he knew early on it was a terror attack not a protest. >> all this as the white house keeps trying to spin the smoking gun e-mails. if they thought benghazi was behind them won the e-mail that came out this week we spent a lot of time talking about.
2:32 am
the top air force general the state department headed by hillary clinton couldn't have done more to save the ambassador and others killed. >> what prevented you from doing that? >> it is not what they did it was what they didn't do. they didn't come forward with stronger requests for action. >> they also requested what ended up being bogus talking points which ended up being an anti islamic video. at the white house briefing the spokesman was bombarded with questions about this. >> he has been very open about this. >> in response to bogus partisan claims by reporters about what had happened to the compilation of talking points around the
2:33 am
benghazi attack we produced that material publically which showed we were right and they were wrong. >> the white house is still struggling to explain the e-mail that recently surfaced as a court order is showing the discussion of the white house talking points. it specifically mentions blaming violence on an internet video. the white house maintained, jay carney maintained this has nothing to do with benghazi but somehow was grouped in with a number of e-mails that dealt specifically with benghazi. >> former nfc spokesperson is talking about who edited cia talking points before susan rice's appearances on the sunday show. watch this outrageous exchange on special report. >> the 14th is the day you are talking about according to the
2:34 am
e-mails and time lines after they removed mention of al qaeda. at 6:21 the white house you add a line of september 10th of social media reports calling for demonstrations, true? >> i believe so. >> did you also change a tax to dem craigses about the talking points? >> i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> we are talking about two years ago the most mundane process. we are talking about the process of editing talking points. that's what bureaucrats do all day long. >> he may think it doesn't matter but as the families of the four americans killed in the attack u.s. ambassador chris stevens and shawn smith tyrone woods and glen daughterty. shawn smith now weighing in on the latest revelation. >> i keep flashing back on my son receiving the telephone call that says sorry there's no help
2:35 am
coming you are on your own. i could picture his face as he was about to die. why didn't our government, our military go in to help them and all of the others that were there? nobody cared enough. they were covering their butts for something. >> family members are demanding house speaker john boehner create a select committee to investigate. >> in ore news the connecticut teen accused of killing his classmates hours before their prom about to face a judge for the first time. he was previously arraigned at a medical facility where he is under going a mental have weighs. they are looking into whether he attacked sanchez at their high school in milford after she refused to go to the prom with him. >> he wanted to kill as many
2:36 am
people as possible. that was the plan with a teen plotting to blow up his school and kill his family. there's no killitelling how far ladou would have gotten if he hadn't had an observant neighbor who had a storage unit he was renting. >> we see people coming here it doesn't take 10 minutes to open up a storage shed. that's why i called it in. >> police discovered three bombs and a gun at the unit. 36 minutes after the hour. the fallout in the coverups at a va hospital in phoenix. three employees on leave after claims veterans died while waiting for treatment and the hospital hid the delay. h elizabeth the hospital denying evidence of a coverup and now the suspensions? >> we heard from hospital officials are denying not all of a secret list. there's no evidence of patient
2:37 am
deaths due to delayed care. they read the statement which reads in part we take the allegations very seriously and in the interest of the ability to conduct a thorough and timely review of the phoenix va healthcare system i have directed that director sharon mill man lance robinson and a third employee be placed on administrative leave until further notice. these off officials going on leave not long after at least one whistleblower says more than 40 patients died at the facility. lawmakers are threatening a subpoena if the department of veteran affairs does not explain why the list of medical employment at the hospital has been destroyed or missing. one of the first to come forward spent decades working at the center. hospital officials are not being completely honest.
2:38 am
>> they have not complied with many roles of sta-- rules of st procedure. they have talked about shredding but i am sure the inspector general has a list. >> there's a lot you can't discuss about the criminal investigation. he is confident he will get the documentation he needs to prove those wrongful deaths. >> all right elizabeth. thank you so much. brand new reports done sterlidon sterling is being treated for cancer. they are trying to force a fast track of the team. in the wake of the scandal the head of the la chapter of the naacp has resigned as well. leon jenkins came under fire for his decision to give him a
2:39 am
lifetime achievement award. >> incredible video of a massive sink hole in baltimore. >> oh my god. (screaming) >> people living on this street may have to stay evacuated for more than a month. the building inspector has to make sure the homes are safe. the sink hole opened up wednesday after 24-hours of solid rain. >> and the wildfire that has been raging through southern california is now 53 percent contained. fire officials saying there are currently no active flames. the fire burning through more than 1600 acres since it began wednesday morning. the weather is still a concern today. because winds are expected to change direction and could vary
2:40 am
in different parts. >> it happened so fast he didn't have time to react. he realed her in took a couple of pictures as quickly as possible and then released her. the process took about 30 minutes and all of his energy. he wants it to happen again but next time catch something even bigger. ♪ te >> it's the 140th derby. >> good morning heather good morning ann. a lot of people come to the races and never see the horse. they are more interested in the mint jewulip. today it is all about the females. that is why i am wearing pink
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today. it is the phillies running today the official color is pink from the hats to the handkerchiefs to the suits to the sun dresses you are encouraged to bewear any cor as long as it's pink. the pink carpet rolls out for the cancer show then the breast cancer survivors will have their parade the first prize on that is $1 million. 6:24 p.m. on the dot the 20 horses running the number one is california home, number two hop unit just dropped out of the race because of a sore foot. number three wicked strong named after the victims of the boston bombing. >> we will show you some of the
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foods that the folks are making at the derby and we will show you one of the lilly drinks show you how to make one of the official drinks. >> it is all bourbon all of the time. >> not too many of those ainsley. >> they will sneak up on you that's what i am told. we will see you a little bit later. the thyme is almo-- the time is 15 minutes after the hour. cheerleader suing a web site over comments posted by the public. how the lawsuit could impact what you can and cannot say on-line. >> this dad juggles this amazing ball with his hands full.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friend first. 15 minutes to the top of the hour. illegals can qualify for in state college tuition in florida thanks to a hotly contested bill passed by the state senate. the law allows students in the country illegally to pay the same tuition rate as other state students. currently in tuition state is one-quarter that is paid by out of state students. >> mayor he had murray wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next 3-7 years. if city council approved it would be the highest minimum wage in the country. >> internet giants taking the case that could have a major impact of free speech on-line. sara jones bengals cheerleader sued the web site the after untrue comments posted by
2:47 am
anonymous users. the jury decided with the cheerleader. federal law protects the web site from getting in trouble over comments. google and facebook are on the dirty side saying web sites cannot be held responsible for every user comment but this case could be different. >> it participated in the posting. it they encouraged it to raise the volume or key without any checks whatsoever of the truth. >> the dirty has one lawsuit in the past but they have ruled against similar arguments four different times. >> people are fleeing states to seek a more affordable way of life. >> give me shelter. shelter from high state income
2:48 am
taxes. intern neal revenue is out with data that states workers with high state income taxes are leading in droves. in 2010 and 2011 new york was the biggest loser giving up 3.3 billion in tax revenues. illinois lost 2 billion new jersey we are down 1.7 billion. where did that 7 billion go? two huge states with no state income tax and better weather. florida saw it grew and texas another 4.2 in revenue. the irs announced it wouldn't do the research any more but after a lot of criticism it reversed the decision. get to the next round probably in a year or so. >> image this swimming in the water next to this fella where a 16-foot great white shark just shut down beaches.
2:49 am
high school senior takes his great brand ma to prom. if you aren't already smiling wait until you hear why. >> so sweet. >> let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox and friends. >> a u.s. marine shackled to a dirty cotton trumped up charges because he made a wrong turn. his mother is going to join us live on this friday. >> doctor mark seigel is live in crawford, texas for the wounded warrior ride. his interview with president bush coming up. >> an nfl linebacker teaches brian and elizabeth how to tackle. plus chloe from 24 is here. we have a big show. starts 11 minutes from right now right here on fox news channel.
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new information about the missing malaysia plane and how long it was gone before anyone noticed. overnight malaysia officials releasing a preliminary report on the disappearance of flight 370 showing investigators waited hours to start looking for the jet. no one realized it was missing until 17 minutes after it had gone off the radar and rescue operations did not start for four hours after that. meanwhile, family members are outraged after being told to move out of hotels and return home for news. malaysian airlines will close down its family assistance centers by may 7th. it's not exactly what you want to see on your beach vacation. yeah. several popular beaches in australia shut down after a
2:54 am
helicopter spots a 16-foot great white shark close to the shore. the shark apparently stalking a whale before heading north. now on those pet alligators. the florida family that owns the reptiles had to give them up to the theme park gatorland. park officials took the alligators measuring 72 inches and six feet with the help of their owner. larry miller said he plans on buying more land so he can meet state standards and get his gators back. talk about a mulcatch. the former college player caught a ball with his son in one hand. >> it was pretty amazing. i was talking. i'm glad he had our back. >> his son was absolutely speechless. >> good catch.
2:55 am
they were looking for 60 seniors over a prank. there was no accident. the road hazard responsible for this that you probably face every day. woman: this is not exactly what i expected. man: definitely more murdery than the reviews said. captain obvious: this is a creepy room. man: oh hey, captain obvious. captain obvious: you should have used their genuine guest reviews
2:56 am
are written by guests who have genuinely stayed there. instead of people who lie on the internet. son: look, a finger. captain: that's unsettling. man: you think? captain: all the time. except when i sleep. which i would not do here. would have mentioned the finger.
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. two minutes before the top of the hour. here's what's happening. the connecticut teenager accused of killing his classmate hours before their prom set to make his first court appearance. general motors recalling 2013 sr x's to fix a computer glitch while honda srlg some 2014 odyssey minivans because side air bags may not deploy during a crash. it is time to saddle up for the 140th kentucky derby, california
2:59 am
chrome the favorite to win this weekend. the good, the bad and the ugly. a high school senior brings his grandmother to the prom because she couldn't afford to go as a teenager. next the bad, potholes in minneapolis are sending people to the hospital. one man said he hit a pothole so deep his car's airbag went off. he suffered a concussion and a serious eye injury. the car was totalled. a french royal expert claiming kate middleton's sister wore a fake bottom to the royal wedding. what? time now for your responses. more than 60 students in new jersey are under arrest for trashing their school in senior prank. we asked are the arrests justified or over the line? >> christine said actions have consequences. this life lesson will provide a powerful and useful example to others. >> michael said i think they should have been made to clean the entire school.
3:00 am
i don't believe there should be any real jail time. and they should be allowed to graduate. >> adam says vandalism is a crime no matter why you do it. if nothing else it's about respecting things that belong to others. >> thank tomb who responded. have a great weekend. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning, it's friday, may 2nd, 2014. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this guy was inside the situation room while terrorists were killing americans in benghazi. but just don't ask him for any of those details. >> maybe, i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> dude, this is like two years ago. >> dude, you really the spokesperson? that interview will have you falling off your couch this morning. hold on to your latte. >> luckily we're velcroed to this couch. when jay carney can't answer questions on benghazi he goes to the old stand by.


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